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What Are Progressive Slot Machines?

Progressive slots are a group of slot machines linked together in a network. The progressive jackpots are formed by taking a percentage of all the money played into the progressive slot machines and adding it to the progressive jackpots. This means that the jackpots grow and grow with every coin played in the network, hence the name progressive. If you take a look at some of the online progressive slot’s games, you will see that the jackpots are huge amounts of money. It is no wonder that every slot player dreams about hitting that big one.

Progressive Jackpots Are Always Worth a Try

It isn't such a good idea to use all your available or committed gambling money on the progressive jackpots, but they are certainly worth trying for, at least with a portion of your gambling funds. In order to do this, there are a few things you need to know.

First: There are three different types of progressive slot machines.

The Stand-Alone Progressive. This slots game is not linked to any other slots like online slots for real money. It takes a percentage of your coins played and adds it to its top jackpot for the highest winning combination.

In House or Proprietary Progressives. These progressive slot machines are linked together, owned and operated by a single casino. The casino can be land-based or online and the progressive jackpots may not be in the millions but they can be significant and substantial amounts.

Wide Area Progressives. These machines are operated by an independent operator rather than a single gaming company. They are linked together from many unrelated casinos all over the world. They are global and their progressive jackpots are absolutely gigantic.

Second: You don't get a chance to hit the jackpot at best online casinos in australia on any of the above slot’s games unless you play the maximum number of coins at each spin. If you play less than the maximum coins required, you are contributing to the progressive jackpots without having a chance to win one.

Third: The payouts on winning lines in the Wide Area Progressives are generally lower than on the other two types of progressives, so you might want to stick to a Stand Alone or In House game even though the life changing jackpots are the Wide Area games.

Progressive Slot Machines and Slots Tournaments

Most slots tournaments do not use progressive slot machines for their tourney games. Since slots tournaments are timed: i.e., each player gets the same amount of playing credits and the same amount of time to play them, it is not practical to use progressive slot machines for the slot’s tournament games.

Slots tournaments can be exciting and lots of fun for those slots players who enjoy competitions, but they don't carry the same thrill as the progressive slot machines with their tremendous progressive jackpots. Just remember, slots are games of chance and luck. They are also entertainment and are supposed to be fun. So be sure to look at them in those lights.